When you take online casino gaming seriously, you want a deposit method that is easy and secure, which doesn’t involve a lot of extra handling fees. At Usemybank casinos, you will find exactly that. Usemybank is a casino payment service that is unlike any other in existence. Simple, handy, safe and inexpensive to use, Usemybank is a facility that was originally developed specifically for the convenience of online casino players, so you know that security and discretion are top priorities. Usemybank offers you many significant advantages over other means of online casino deposit, which will be outlined here.

Linked to your Bank Account

Usemybank is exactly what its name implies – a service that is linked directly to the bank account of your choice. Make sure that you are already set up to use your bank’s online bill paying function and that the bank in question has a partnership agreement with Usemybank. Then simply sign up with the service to connect your bank account with the system. After that, whenever you wish to play at any Usemybank casinos, just find the cashier section, click on “Usemybank” as your method of payment and choose the amount you wish to deposit. Provided you have sufficient funds in the bank, the cash will be credited to your online casino account within seconds, and you will be ready to focus on playing and, hopefully, winning.

Discretion Plus Convenience Assured

One of the huge advantages of this style of payment is the privacy it affords you. You do not need to give the casino any credit card numbers (in fact, you don’t even need to own a credit card!) or other financial information, only your phone number and email address. You’ll have the convenience and discretion of an electronic funds transfer, with two all-important differences: Usemybank does not charge you, the customer, a cent for their transfer service, and the funds you request will be deposited instantaneously. No need for lengthy waits. Similar to using a debit card, the transaction will immediately be reflected in your bank account, making it easy to keep track of your finances and how much you have spent.

No Transfer Fees

When you first request Usemybank’s services, you will pay a minimal initiation fee, usually one dollar. After that, there are no charges to you, no matter how many transfers you wish to make and how much cash you are working with. The merchants, in this case the Usemybank casinos; pick up the tab for this payment processing service. However, hundreds of casinos are happy to accept deposits made in this way, because of its convenience and reliability. To show their appreciation, the casinos generally offer substantial bonuses to gamers who opt for Usemybank, giving you added playing power.