Reload Casino Bonuses

When it comes to casino bonuses online, a lot of the focus is on the offers meant for the new players. There are many great welcome bonuses and offers meant to attract new players. However, before picking a new casino, one has to take a look at the important group of reload casino bonuses that makes sure that the returning player gets new rewards for his loyalty. The reload bonus can be given as a onetime offer, or be part of a regular campaign that makes it possible to get more money for every deposit made. It is important to learn if this type of bonuses works automatically, or if one has to request the bonus before making a new deposit.

Monthly reload Bonuses

Some online casino will offer a chance to get more money to play with, each and every month! If the reload casino bonuses are given monthly they are usually offered for the first deposit made every month. To make the most out of the promotion one should make sure to maximize this first deposit of the month. That way there will be more to play for right from the beginning of the month. When players make a smart casino game budget they can often manage the entire month based on that first deposit.

Reload Bonuses for Payment Method

Another form of regular bonus that can be given to players making new deposits is the special payment method bonus. Casinos enjoy working with certain payment methods, and to encourage their players to choose the preferred payment alternatives they will give an additional bonus for each deposit made with it. The bonus can be anywhere between 10-20%, and sometimes more! If you want to use this type of bonus you need to check if it is given automatically when you choose the payment method that deserves a special reward. Sometimes it is better to have to request a reload bonus since it might not be needed for every deposit. Rules and conditions make it necessary to use bonuses with care so that the winnings won’t be locked up in the casino account for too long due to unfulfilled wagering requirements.

Special Casino Offers

To spice up the gaming and keep the fresh feeling of casino campaigns, the bonuses can also be offered sporadically. This is something that can be hard to keep track of through regular casino listings online. For sure, casino news online sometimes report about especially lucrative reload casino bonuses that are given as onetime offers. However, if you want to stay on top of these pearls, that can give you so much more for your money, you need to read the newsletters from the casinos that you are a member of. When you register as a new player in a casino you should have the option to say yes to a newsletter. This is a letter that will come to your email with regular intervals, and it will inform you of new campaigns that you can benefit from. If you have joined a casino, and yet you don’t see any news regarding reload bonuses and other campaigns, it could be that your newsletter has ended up in your spam-folder.