Microgaming Casinos

If you mention the name Microgaming to a player that has been active with online gaming during the past decade, you will understand that this is one of the most trusted and respected casino brands out there. There are several reasons for this, and the foremost might very well be that Microgaming casinos are known for offering the highest quality of software with games that never grow old. Having said this, one must always realize that there are casinos that are better at utilizing the variety of the Microgaming brand, while others just don’t seem to get what kind of gold they have at their hands.

The titles that you love

Ask that same person about the games from Microgaming. You will get answers like Tomb Raider and other names that you will recognize. If you haven’t heard of the games you will certainly be aware of the TV shows and video games that these casino games have been shaped after. Many love the Microgaming casinos simply for these unique games that offer amazing entertainment with a chance to win big money. Since the focus is often on specific games it is crucial to look for these when trying to find a new casino. You can’t count on your favorite games just because the casino sports a Microgaming logo on their homepage!

Bonuses and promotions

Another strong feature of the Microgaming casino software is the possibility to get great bonuses and casino campaigns. In a casino from Microgaming you always have the chance to take home a big welcome bonus or join a player club where all of your bets will be rewarded with points. This is an important part of any casino experience. It is not enough to get a nice offer when you join the casino as a new player, you must also be rewarded your loyalty on a continuous basis. Since Microgaming is such a popular and stable brand you will also have the chance to enter bigger tournaments where several casinos are involved in raising the money in the jackpot presented to you. This creates a lot of excitement which makes your casino experience online unique and very cool.


Let’s have a look at another strong feature of Microgaming games online, and this is the safety aspect. As you get ready to choose from different Microgaming casinos you will come to realize that many of them carry the stamp from eCogra. This is because eCogra is an organization developed by Microgaming for higher security in online gaming. eCogra will independently check the fairness of the games and also the security that the casino can offer for money transfers. If the casino lives up to the high standards of eCogra, it gets the stamp which you can take as a sign of a casino that you can feel safe and respected in. Microgaming also gives the casino operator the possibility of offering casino support that is always available through email, chat and phone. This adds to that safe and secure feeling that you are looking for in your online gaming.