Live Dealer Casinos

Playing in casinos online is not the same thing as walking into a land based casino. No matter how much you love online casinos, you can’t say that it provides you with the same experience as if you would have left your house to visit the casino. However, there are aspects of the online gaming experience that makes it closer to the original format. One example of this is the live dealer casinos where you will see a real person deal the cards or spin the wheel. The live games are highly appreciated by players that want to see some more human touch in their online gaming experiences.

How to play

It is easy to join a live game online. All you have to do is go to your casino lobby and click on the live game that you want to join. You will see everything as usual, but the great perk of live dealer casinos is that the dealer is a real person that you can see through live movie streaming. It feels and looks much like a live show on TV, with the difference that you can interact with the dealer. The dealer will see your moves. For example, if you play a live Blackjack game the dealer will await your move and then make his. This is really something that everyone should try out. You can even chat with the dealer during the game, but don’t expect elaborate answers since the dealer will be busy keeping an eye on what you and the other players around the table are up to.

Fair games

A very common question regarding live dealer games is whether they are fair. As soon as a real person is dealing the cards one can start to wonder if there is any risk that he will start to meddle with the results. The good news is that live dealers in online casinos can’t meddle with the results of the games. The games are still computerized and the dealer is watched all the time both by those who play and by the casino. Since the dealer can influence the games you will also not gain from trying to use the chat for cheating schemes!

Finding the best live dealer games

Live games are different in the sense that they have a time when they must start. You have to come to the game on time to be part of it. You can also expect a higher fee for live games that have full tables. In order to find the best live dealer games you will need to keep an eye on what casinos that can offer them and when. If you see a casino with live games around the clock, it might be your best choice. This could be a sign of many players active in the live action which would make the games a lot more attractive to play. It also happens that online casinos hire famous people to work as live dealers. These events are very popular, and you might have to register well in advance to get a spot around the table when a pop star or actress stands in front of the camera.