"Free Play Time" Casino Bonuses

The casinos online are working hard on being innovative and different, so that you will find them the best choice for your online gaming. One example of this sort of creativity is the “free play time” casino bonuses that will let you play for free during a certain amount of time. The idea here is that you get cash to play with during a specific time period, or that you can play for free during the same time. Whatever you win will be yours, and you don’t have to make any deposits to get the free time. For many players this is simply the optimal form of bonus since it lets us try a casino without making any commitments.

Free play time is money

If the free play time is given with casino cash to play with, you are obviously getting money for free from the casino. However, free play time without any bonus money is also money. The concept of time being money is not a new one, and this is something that players are well aware of. With the best “free play time” casino bonuses one can hurry up and win a lot. Let’s say that you have an hour to play for free in a casino. Which games should you go for? The casino is leaving it up to you, and now you must think wisely. If you play on slots you might be lucky and win a lot, but if you are really good at poker or Blackjack you might want to go for these games to maximize the free casino offer.

Special rules

Before you jump into the action of free play time, you should make sure to check the rules that apply. One thing that is crucial is the time frame. If you have one hour to make use of this free casino promotion you need to focus. Turn off the sound of your phone, lock the door, feed the cat, and make sure to use every second of that time. Once the time is up, you should not be surprised if you can’t cash out the money you won. You will have to wager the bonus according to the rules stipulated in the fine print by the casino. This is a catch that many miss, and it can be a bit disappointing if you thought that the casino was going to just hand you the money without anything in return.

Free spins and bonus games

There are also other features in casino games that can be seen as free play time. One example of this is the free spins mode in slots. When you play on a slots machine with free spins you might not think of these as “free play time” casino bonuses, but that is in effect what they are. If you are lucky, you land the scatters to release the free spins that will give you more rounds for free. This is also how bonus games work and these you can get in many different types of casino games. By learning more about the games that you love, you will also come to see how you can earn more free playing time on them. Whether it is through a general bonus or through a game feature, doesn’t matter much. As long as you feel that you are getting the most out of your online gaming experience you should go for it!