Credit Cards

One of the oldest forms of payment for online purchases, credit cards are convenient and simple to use. You have no need to set up a new account with an e-wallet or third party payment service, avoiding all the hassle of remembering details such as a new user name and password. Of course, credit card casinos abound on the Internet, so you’ll have plenty to choose from. Finding attractive sites that have your favorite online casino games should not be a problem, but what about security? The anonymity and vast scale of today’s e-commerce increase the possibility of misuse by hackers and other unscrupulous individuals. It’s important to know how to protect yourself.

Know who you’re Dealing with

First of all, make sure that you do business only with well established reputable sites. Before dealing with any credit card casinos, check them out thoroughly. Verify that they use 128-bit encryption with SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) and that they conform to the industry standards of fair play. Look at what casino review sites and online player forums have to say about their experience with a particular casino. Immediately back off from any gaming site described as a rogue casino. Interestingly enough, a peek at the variety of other non-credit card deposit options listed for any given casino also speaks volumes. If there are very few payment options available, it may possibly spell trouble, meaning that payment service providers are unwilling to partner with that casino.

Protect your Information

Obviously it is essential for you to do your part and cooperate with the casino in maintaining your confidentiality. Do not share any details about your credit card or other financial particulars with unauthorized people, especially online. You never know who the player you’ve been messaging with so chummily really is. As well, beware of phishing. An email claiming to be from either your credit card company or the casino, asking for facts such as your account password or billing information – even in the form of a “confirmation” or “verification” – is likely to be fraudulent. Do not respond to such an email or click on any links it might contain.

Credit Cards and Security

For all the bad press they may have been getting lately, credit cards actually have a number of security advantages over other payment methods. Your itemized monthly statement will allow you to follow and double check exactly how much you have spent at credit card casinos and other merchants, as well as any winnings which have been credited to your account. It is very easy for you to contest a charge, if necessary. Being veterans online, credit card companies have trained personnel dedicated to fighting Internet fraud. They may even track exceptionally large expenditures or unusual spending patterns that do not fit your profile, to investigate for possible fraudulent use of your account.